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Small Electronic Billboards

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Digital LED bunting is another sort of digital outdoor advertising screen. Digital LED bunting is a small digital billboard that you may see when you drive through major cities. It is only located by a street lamp that is situated near or between two busy roads. Previously, this advertisement was printed and hung on a street lamp.

Why Small Digital Billboards

A Digital LED bunting is most commonly found on street lamp posts adjacent to or between two busy streets. A small digital billboard is an attention grabber and provides better visibility for people to read while they are waiting for the traffic light or stuck in the jam. The traditional posters or banners are no longer effective as the visibility of the advertisement is often impacted by the weather and strong winds. Hence, the digital ones are here to replace solve the problems for businesses.



The larger billboards that we see on main roads and highways usually costs more. We understand that SMEs will not have that sort of budget hence why we also offer small digital billboard. This gives SME brands the exposure they desire without breaking the bank. This is an excellent strategy to boost the visibility of your brand and the effectiveness of your present advertising. If the company wants to build its credibility, digital OOH advertising will be extremely beneficial and profitable.  

small digital billboard

More Traction 

Small digital billboards garner more attention from motorists. This is impacted by the placement of the small electronic billboards. Since these billboards are usually mounted on street lights there is more exposure. This will increase your chances of being noticed by motorists and pedestrians. When people start taking notice of your advertisements, they will remember the product and service you’re offering. As a result, they could buy your product or engage your services. 

small electronic billboards

Higher Return

You will be spending less or almost the same amount that you could spend for a single digital billboard, but may not get the results that you will be getting by advertising using small electronic billboards. Furthermore, Small electronic billboards will not only pique people's interest with an animated advertisement slide presentation, but they will also provide product or service information. Hence, going back to the point above, it will result in people buying your product.

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