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LED Billboard Advertising Rates Malaysia

Price Of Digital Billboard Advertising

Highway billboard advertising in Malaysia prices might be heavy on the pocket. Small and Medium Enterprises may not have the budget to create an advertising campaign.  Hence why they remain hidden or get swallowed in the already dense market. This is why BRANDLAH has introduced competitive LED billboard advertising rates in Malaysia to ensure that SMEs are not excluded. Most advertising organisations concentrate on well-established businesses, making their pricing expensive to SMEs. At BRANDLAH, we want to make sure that SMEs are seen by the public and that their products and services are aired to the public. We do our best to give advertising solutions to our customers while maintaining the quality and visibility that they need. By offering our low-cost services to SMEs, we ensure our customers acquire the same amount of impact and exposure compared to the high-cost ones.

digital billboard advertising malaysia price

Why is digital billboard advertising costly?

The higher the traffic in the area, the more expensive digital billboard advertising in Malaysia price gets. This is because advertising agencies are well aware of the exposure the SME would be getting throughout the day, especially during heavy traffic hours. Highway billboard advertising in Malaysia price varies from location to location. This is not only influenced by the traffic the billboard garners, but also state and city council rates.

LED billbard advertising rates Malaysia

What We Offer

We believe that digital billboard advertising in Malaysia prices should be affordable and accessible to SMEs as they too deserve exposure within the market. A billboard is a salesperson who works 24/7 for you, to create product and services awareness among potential customers. 

Our LED billboards are placed strategically on heavy traffic areas within the Klang Valley. This is done so to ensure that our clients are seen by users who pass through the roads on a daily basis. We firmly believe that the more a person sees an advertisement, the higher the chances of the product or service being advertised getting ingrained in their memory.

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Get in touch with us if you are on the look for a low LED Billboard Advertising Rates Malaysia. We assure to deliver nothing but the best.

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