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Out Of Home Advertising Malaysia

BRANDLAH is an expert in digital out of home advertising Malaysia. We are dedicated to breaking stereotypes in the advertising world. Our team is working towards bringing awareness to small and medium-sized businesses through digital out of home advertising Malaysia. We noticed that brand awareness is seen as the first step toward achieving customers' purchasing intentions. An advertisement placed strategically will ensure traffic and return on interest for a small and medium enterprise (SME). This is possible because, OOH advertising in Malaysia, no matter how big or small expands your viewer reach. As a result, people outside of the ad owner's intended group will be aware of the adverts.

What We Offer

Digital billboards can be videos, moving animations, or live broadcasts, they allow brands to be extremely creative in their advertisement campaigns. The ability to update and change your advertisement is a benefit of digital billboards, making it simple to run new campaigns, stay up with festivals or special events, and have dynamic graphics. Your brand has the opportunity to advertise during peak hours by using digital out of home advertising Malaysia.

out of home advertising malaysia

LED Display

This is the most common form of billboards that you would have come across. Digital billboards are the evolution of static billboards which is taking the advertising world by storm. This is because digital billboards are more fluid and interactive. 

digital out of home advertising

Highway Billboard Signs 

This is most commonly seen along major Malaysian highways. It garners the interest of road users who are using the highway. This is possible because most Malaysian motorists prefer highways because they rarely get caught in traffic during peak hours.

ooh advertising malaysia

Small Digital Billboards

One of the most popular OOH advertising in Malaysia is small digital billboards. They are usually almost the same size as your bunting banners that you may have come across mounted on street light poles. You may come across five-six digital advertisements in 64 seconds.

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Get in touch with us if you are on the look for a reputable billboard advertising company in Malaysia. We assure to deliver nothing but the best.

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