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Highway Billboard Malaysia 

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Highway billboard Malaysia is a common choice for advertisers. Aside from the benefits of heavy traffic, highway billboard signs can also provide a clearer view of the advertisements offered because there are fewer barriers that may block the billboards. Advertisements on billboards on roads may be powerful and impactful if they are large and visible. We have very low costs for any type of Billboard Ads at BRANDLAH. We have vast experience with both digital and static billboard advertising. Both digital and static billboards serve distinct purposes, but they can also work quite effectively together.

Choose Your Highway Billboard

Highway billboards are one of the most common modes of advertising in Malaysia. This is because most Malaysians use highways on a daily basis to go to work so they can avoid traffic jams during peak hours. Hence, advertising agencies have seized this opportunity to put up highway billboards along major highways.  If you are considering doing a highway billboard Malaysia, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. These include the billboard signs' size and location. Choosing the right method of doing highway billboard advertising Malaysia can bring a huge impact on your brand's reputation.

highway billboard malaysia


The location of the highway billboard signs is quite crucial when it comes to highway billboard advertising Malaysia. Never place your billboard near populated places. You cannot let your billboard become hidden amid other billboards if you want to reach your target clients. 

highway billboard advertising malaysia


Billboards should be eye-catching and big enough to be seen. It should be visible to potential clients from a distance. Your size should also be considered in the budget. If you can't afford a larger location, such as 30 x 60 feet, a 10 by 40-foot space can be a good compromise.

highway billboard signs


Make your billboards brief and to the point, but be sure to hit the nail on the head. Your advertisement must not be more than 8 or 6 words long in order to capture the attention of customers. The reasoning for this is that Malaysians erect billboards along sidewalks and motorways.

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