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About Us

Outdoor Advertising Company In Malaysia

Outdoor advertising in Malaysia has been focused on stagnant billboards. With the rise of digitalization in recent years, outdoor advertising in Malaysia has taken a new form - digital billboards. Outdoor advertising provides maximum exposure and brand awareness 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing you to reach the most number of people in the shortest amount of time. Billboards remain an important form of outdoor advertising. That's because they produce results, reaching a large audience in a familiar style without putting a load on your advertising budget. At BRANDLAH as an outdoor advertising company in Malaysia, we know how to create eye-catching billboard placements that will leave an impression.

Our Expertise

The industry-wide transition toward digital has had an impact on outdoor advertising as well. Digital billboards have become much more widespread in and outside of Malaysia. Because they use modern advertising technology, these dynamic displays have the same high reach as traditional billboards, but with the added benefit of providing deeper analytics capabilities. When the country was hit by the pandemic and the movement control order was imposed nationwide; As an SME ourselves, we understand the financial constraints businesses had to go through during the pandemic. Hence why we created BRANDLAH as we wanted to provide digital billboard services at affordable prices for SMEs. Since then we have strived hard to become a leading outdoor advertising company in Malaysia.

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Outdoor Advertising Company In Malaysia

What We Offer

As an outdoor advertising specialist in Malaysia, we are committed to providing holistic out-of-home (OOH) advertising solutions with a large inventory across Malaysia, engaging a diverse audience through several touch-points such as high traffic roadways and major highways, transit networks, and retail hubs, as well as online and on-ground immersive techniques. Our team is committed to integrating your services to provide comprehensive outdoor advertising solutions within Malaysia. We turn your big idea into innovative designs and significant realities. Our team offers advertising solutions to all. We recognize trends and assist SMEs in building their reputations because of our passion for advertising. We understand the importance of good branding and web marketing in today's economic climate. As of today, we are a group of dedicated and forward-thinking specialists committed to giving you not only the finest but the very best advertising quality.

Get In Touch With Us
Get in touch with us if you are on the look for a reputable billboard advertising company in Malaysia. We assure to deliver nothing but the best.

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