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Think about it.

Every 5 years, and 15 General Elections later.

What hasn't changed in the way political campaigns reach out to you as the voter?

Source: FreeMalaysiaToday

Out-Of-Home advertising.

Despite the availability of new media in our times, Out-Of-Home advertising outlasted any media in the past:

  • To reach mass audience or hyper-targeted audiences

  • To create impactful awareness

  • Drive top-of-mind recall / instant recall

  • Build perception

  • Amplify mobile search intent

  • To being a catalyst for viral content

Here's our take on GE15 Out-of-Home advertising:

#1 Not all out-of-home is a permanent structure.

Mobile outdoor media can be a strong frequency builder that takes your ad visibility and recall to the next level.

Source: Worldofbuzz

(disclaimer – this is not an approved media and we were not able to identify the media owner and we love animals too much)

#2 Size surely matters.

Where possible, the bigger the better. It gives your brand the posture, value and trust other media would not be able to offer.

Source: Malaymail

#3 Avoid wallpaper syndrome at all cost, always.

Critical when advertising out-of-home. Frequency of timely visual change eliminates ad fatigue.

Source: MalaysiaKini

Source: MalaysiaKini

#4 Less, sometimes is really more.


#5 Turn heads to get nods with the right content = ATTENTION!

Source: Selongkar10 blog

#6 Everyone notices Out-Of-Home ads.

Don't ask for viral till viral troubles you.

Source: BeritaHarian

Out-Of-Home advertising can be the single biggest shift in your business in 2023, delivering significant results like you have never seen before.

Are you ready for 123x increase of traffic to your business?

Talk to us on winning 2023 by unlocking the full potential of Out-Of-Home advertising now!



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